In the House of Fashion and Beauty Polina Zaretskaya you will plunge into the world of beauty and style, whose masters will embody your ideal image. Creating an image begins with an idea and inspiration. It does not matter whether you have a ready thought out sketch or you are lost in conjecture, we will be happy to create a finished image.


Work on creating a product begins with a conversation. Professional consultation with the artist stylist, who will be able to choose exactly the image that will emphasize your personality. You will be amazed at how much the artist's vision can transform you and emphasize your dignity. Based on your wishes and preferences, a sketch of the future product will be created. If you already have a vision of what kind of image you want, we will create a sketch taking into account the features of your figure. Your sketch, we will finalize and improve and begin to choose textiles. Do not worry, you can discuss all the details of the image and online.

In our studio there is a wide selection of exclusive fabrics, chosen personally by our buyers and brought to order from Italy and France. The same fabrics are chosen and the best fashion houses. To your image, we will select the best fabrics that perfectly complement the image.             After the creation of the image is completed and the fabrics are selected, the masters begin to create the products. This is a painstaking work, carried out manually by our craftsmen. After that, we invite you to try on, during which we specify all the nuances of planting products. At this stage, we will create an ideal silhouette that can emphasize the merits of your figure and hide flaws.

The most pleasant moment for you is to get your finished product. Individual approach will create exactly the one, harmonious and finished image that will emphasize your individuality and style. In our atelier, also, we provide repair and fitting services for your products. We can develop and unique embroidery according to your sketches. We will be glad to see you among our clients and create beauty for you!